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Holiday Cottages: Nestled within the rustic embrace of history, the Holiday Cottages you're currently situated in hold a fascinating past. Once upon a time, these very structures stood proudly as a vital part of the agricultural rhythm—a granary and a dairy serving the needs of the farm's dairy cows. Through the winds of change and the passage of time, these humble edifices underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging as the charming, cozy cottages that welcome you today.

Their walls, now echoing with tales of tradition and agricultural heritage, have been lovingly restored to breathe new life into their timeworn beams and weathered stones. Despite the evolution, the essence of their agricultural legacy remains interwoven into the very fabric of their design, offering a unique blend of history and modern comfort to all who cross their thresholds.

Field House Farm: A rich tapestry of agricultural history weaves through the very soil of Field House Farm, a steadfast entity that has stood the test of time since its inception in the 1800s. Across the generations, it has been a steadfast witness to the ebb and flow of farming practices, evolving alongside the needs and aspirations of the family who tended to its fertile grounds.

Through the annals of its existence, Field House Farm has played host to a vibrant array of creatures, from the gentle, grazing presence of dairy cows to the industrious scratching of chickens, the strut of turkeys, and the playful oinks of pigs. This menagerie of livestock once graced its pastures, each contributing their own verse to the symphony of farm life.

More recently, the farm has embraced a new chapter in its agricultural narrative, transitioning to arable farming—a testament to the adaptability and resilience of the land. Moreover, a new addition to its repertoire, a horse livery, now stands as a testament to the farm's dynamic evolution, catering to a diverse array of pursuits while maintaining its deep-rooted connection to the land.

In the heart of Field House Farm lies a story of heritage, a tale of toil and triumph, where the past, present, and future harmonize in the perennial song of agricultural life.